Case Study: Shade Assembly for Jet Cabin Windows

Date: April 08, 2024

This interesting gear drive belt application was for the aerospace industry, specifically for business jets. A global manufacturer that provides a range of innovative products in the world of aerospace came to Berg to solve a need for a corporate jet window application.

Challenge: Jet Window Shade Mechanism

Many private jets have cellular shades between the actual window and the piece of plexiglass on the interior, protecting them from dust and dirt.

aircraft window shade assembly manufactured with custom lead screw assembly

The previously designed system that operated the window shade was the problem — it was very intricate, labor intensive and costly to produce while providing varying results.

Our customer was looking for a method to easily open and close the blinds that would be consistent with the level of quality end users expected.

Solution: Precision Belt Drive Assembly

Berg engineers worked closely with the client – an important factor in our value proposition – and delivered a solution.

We combined our linear components with our Flex-E-Belts to create a system for their existing window shade application. As a passenger slides a lever from one side to the other, the shade smoothly opens and closes. The belt provides a low-profile means to transmit power up to the mechanism that controls the shade position, while meeting our customer’s noise and cost targets.

Flex-E-Belts polyurethane belt and custom lead screw assembly inside jet window shade mechanism

More advantages of Berg’s cabin window shade actuation assembly:

  • Designed to fit aircraft OEM’s existing envelope
  • Retrofit design was inexpensive
  • Elimination of piece parts assembly means significantly less labor to install
  • Adjustable stop with rare earth magnets allows for convenient setup of shade travel without shade drift
  • One part number for window shade kit assembly for ease of ordering
  • Quality control testing on every unit for minimal effort of pull/push force

Our drop-in replacement design provided worry-free operation because there are no cables to increase the risk of failure. This saved our customer labor and maintenance costs, while ensuring low force and precise actuation.

The assembly design was later revised to use an electric motor to open and close the shade by simply removing the lever and coupling the electric motor to the lead screw. The lead screw nut and follower are manufactured from Delrin® 100AF (13% Polytetrafluoroethylene - PTFE) for smooth, low-force movement without operational degradation.

aircraft window shade assembly with electric motor coupled to lead screw

Customer-Specific, Customized Capabilities

Are you looking for a partner to provide precision assemblies? Berg technical experts are ready to work with your engineers, and are able to provide quick prototype turnaround. Our customers are assigned a dedicated engineer representing an entire team of experts as their single point of contact for the entirety of the project, ensuring a high-quality product. We have a wealth of window shade assembly expertise to help with your specific needs, with on-site service and support available.

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