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No matter what your application specifications are, our full array of precision machine part types will help streamline equipment efficiency and reduce long-term costs.

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About WM Berg

Our number one priority is maintaining a reputation for high quality gears, belts, lead screws, couplings, shafts and overall precision components. Specialty testing equipment and rigorous in process quality checks ensure WM Berg products provide operational performance excellence. By leveraging a refined set of lean manufacturing processes including monthly workflow reviews, sustainability audits, WM Berg is on a continuous track to optimizing and improving the state of machine productivity and long-term profitability. 

Customized Solutions

Helical gear high resolution

Building The Right Solution for Your Application

We understand that every project and application has unique attributes at times requiring a customized solution. From a simple modification of a standard gear to developing an intricate assembly, Berg engineers and product experts want to partner with you. We will work closely to understand your requirements, offer solutions and deliver a cost effective, high quality precision component to meet your timelines. While looking through our vast array of bearings, sprockets, spur gears, belts, lead screws and more, feel free to add multiple items to your Request for Quote and select customized solution to start the process today! 

Custom Parts

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With a catalog of over 80,000 small mechanical components, WM Berg serves engineered solutions for hundreds of different applications. 

passenger airplane taxi


Providing high AGMA quality gears, pre-assembled solutions and belting for military, commercial and private aircrafts. 

wm berg precision robotics application

Motion Control

Offering an expansive catalog of precision components for scientific equipment, measuring instruments, computers and robotics. 

operating instruments in hospital use


Supplying standard and custom precision components used in a large variety of medical equipment, including surgical devices.