WM Berg manufactures several types of precision shafting components, including shafts, shaft wipers, shaft seals, shaft adapters, hubs, clamps and Woodruff keys. Berg shafting is used in a wide range of applications, from general machinery to aircraft instruments and controls, robotic surgical equipment, and many other linear and rotary motion systems.

Precision Shafts

We manufacture inch and metric precision shafts in 303/420/440 stainless steel, C1060 carbon steel and cold rolled steel, as well as plastic rods in nylon 101 or Delrin® 500. Shafting types include ground, ground and case hardened, ground and saw cut, and ultra ground. Explore our standard precision shafting or learn more about custom shafting options.

precision shafts

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Seals, Wipers & Adapters

Shaft seals, shaft wipers, shaft adapters and wiper seals for linear bearings help keep shafts running smoothly in industrial machinery. Shaft seals create a barrier between shafting and housing to prevent lubrication leakage and contamination. Shaft wipers (aka rod wipers or wiper seals) shield shafting against dust, moisture and other contaminants to prevent premature wear and tear on shafts and bearings. Shaft adapters (aka shaft couplings) connect shafting to other components with a different diameter, ensuring secure alignment for effective power transmission.

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Hubs, Collars & Clamps

Berg manufactures hubs, shaft clamps and set screw collars to connect our shafting with other precision components such as couplings and gearboxes. We have a wide selection of hub sizes and styles to select from, including pin hubs, clamp hums and dual hubs. Our all stainless steel hubs are available in bore diameters ranging from 5/64" to 1-1/4" with assembly available for a nominal charge. Special clamps are also available on request.

hubs, clamps and collars

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Woodruff Keys

Berg manufactures Woodruff keys used to connect a rotating shaft to other mechanical components including gears, pulleys and sprockets. Woodruff keys are used in a wide range of industrial machinery applications to transmit torque from the shaft to the attached component, especially in assemblies with spatial constraints.

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