Custom Couplings

WM Berg supplies a complete line of couplings to accomodate virtuallly all precision assembly requirements and operating conditions. Our tailored custom original equipment manufacturer (OEM) couplings offer many different speeds, torques and misalignment capacities to meet the modified needs of the following application criteria: 

  • Standard Angular Misalignment: 7 degrees or less
  • Standard Parallel Misalignment: 0.005 - 0.038 (in.)
  • Modifications: Number of beams, keyways, non-standard bore sizes, bore combinations, splines, overall body size

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WM Berg custom shaft couplings manufactured in USA


WM Berg manufactures mechanical flexing (rigid) and material flexing (flexible/elastic) couplings. Additional alloys and materials may be available depending on the custom coupling and application.

custom stainless steel coupling

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel couplings have excellent durability and tensile strength (even in extreme temperatures), making them ideal for demanding applications such as machine tools, packaging equipment, ball screw linear actuators, and many types of manufacturing equipment. Stainless steel couplings are chosen over steel when corrosion resistance is required, and are used in applications requiring frequent sterilization or washing such as medical equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing or food processing. 

  • 303 Stainless Steel 
  • 302 Stainless Steel (18-8)
  • 301 Stainless Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel (18-8)
  • 316 Stainless Steel, Sintered
custom aluminum coupling

Non-Ferrous Metals

Couplings made from aluminum alloys are lightweight with high strength, and are non-magnetic and non-sparking. Aluminum alloys have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any type of steel, making them a great choice for applications where weight is a crucial consideration (such as aerospace). Aluminum alloys also perform well and don’t become brittle in extreme cold. Phosphor bronze custom couplings are strong, and very resistant to corrosion, tarnishing, and wear. Naval brass also offers high strength and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. 

  • 2024 T4 Aluminum
  • 2024 T351 Aluminum
  • 6063 T5 Aluminum
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Brass, Naval, Alloy 464
custom steel coupling


Steel couplings offer high levels of torsional stiffness, making them ideal for use in servo motors and similar machinery where temperature extremes or risk of corrosion is not a factor. Steel is also extremely hard and wear-resistant, making it ideal for use in manufacturing equipment. Carbon steel custom couplings cost less than stainless steel. 

  • 12L14 Steel
  • 1018, 1045 Steel
  • 1095 Steel
  • 1060 Steel Rockwell C60-C63
  • 8620 Steel
custom plastic coupling


WM Berg offers custom couplings made from engineering thermoplastics. Plastic couplings are ideal for applications where conductivity to heat or electricity is undesirable. Thermoplastic couplings are lightweight, resistant to chemicals and corrosion, electrically insulating, and vibration dampening. Thermoplastic couplings are well suited to applications requiring frequent washing, and can be reinforced with glass fiber to increase strength. Custom plastic couplings cost less compared to stainless steel, but they’re not as strong or durable.

  • Polyacetal
  • Polyacetal, with lubricant fibers
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polycarbonate, Glass filled-10%, Black

coupling types

Custom Spider Coupling


Jaw couplings excel at high shock absorption and high-speed operations and are designed to tolerate reactionary loads and precise misalignment. Spider jaw couplings are not well-suited to frequent start-stop-reverse motions or engine-driven motion control scenarios.

Common Application Requiring Custom Spider Couplings

  • Industrial settings with dirt due to lack of requirement of lubricants to function
  • Motion control scenarios with continuous-duty electric motor-driven machinery

WM Berg also offers standard spider couplings.

Custom Beam Coupling


Beam couplings are designed with maximum flexibility through a curved beam configuration that accommodates misalignment and axial motion. 

Common Applications Requiring Custom Beam Couplings

  • Stepper motor drivers
  • Settings with small industrial pumps for wastewater, chemicals, or oil & gas
  • Encoders that support transportation automation, CT & MRI scans & robotic arm pickers

WM Berg also offers standard beam couplings.

Custom Bellows Coupling


Bellows couplings are designed with thin-walled corrugations to accommodate minor shaft misalignments and support operations requiring the highest levels of positional accuracy and dynamic motion.

Common Applications Requiring Custom Bellows Couplings

  • High-speed motor applications
  • Medical devices
  • Packaging machinery

WM Berg also offers standard bellows couplings.

Custom Absorbathane Coupling


This 2-in-1 coupling style is made of Sorbothane with a padded, rubber sleeve that dampens vibrations and shock loads, electrically insulates shafting, and gives the coupling a figure 8 shape.

Common Applications Requiring Custom Absorbathane Couplings

  • Industrial powertrain systems with higher-torque applications
  • Bulk & unit material handling equipment
  • Water pump & motor couplings

WM Berg also offers standard absorbathane couplings.

Custom Oldham Coupling


Common Applications that Require Custom Oldham Couplings

Oldham couplings are engineered with optimal flexibility to support parallel alignment applications that require even the smallest misalignment to be accommodated.

  • Printers & copy machines
  • Servo motor applications such as elevators, security camera technology & mechanical automations

WM Berg also offers standard oldham couplings.

Custom Universal Joint Coupling


Also referred to as U-Joint, Hooke’s Joint, Hardy Spicer Joint, or Cardan Joint,  WM Berg designs customized universal joint couplings to accommodate constantly varying power levels and high efficiency torque transmission.

Common Applications Requiring Custom Universal Joint Couplings

  • Aircraft appliances 
  • Textile equipment
  • Radio machinery 

WM Berg also offers standard universal joint couplings.

Custom Sleeve Coupling


Sleeve couplings (box couplings) are a rigid coupling type manufactured with premium precision in order to accommodate moderate misalignment making them ideal for applications that require a light to medium duty load capacity. Their compact, simple design only takes two separate parts to produce, making their throughput time fast and cost-effective.

Common Applications Requiring Custom Sleeve Couplings

  • Conveyor machinery 
  • Electric motor applications such as compressors, fans, blowers & more
  • Low/medium torque general purpose applications

WM Berg also offers standard sleeve couplings.

Custom Neo-Flex Coupling


Manufactured in both ​​ribbed and smooth shaft connection types, Neo-Flex Couplings belong to a coupling class referred to as Shock Absorbing Couplings due to their ultra flexible nature and ability to dampen vibrations and shock loads. WM Berg’s custom Neo-Flex coupling options are ideal for high torque applications involved with moving heavy parts at slow rates.

Common Applications Requiring Custom Neo-Flex Couplings

  • Aerospace equipment manufacturing
  • Auto & truck part assembly lines
  • Construction part production

WM Berg also offers standard neo-flex couplings.

Custom Universal Lateral Coupling


When engineered to meet the specific requirements of an existing application, universal lateral couplings unlock the combined power of the Oldham coupling’s sliding motion and the universal joint coupling’s pivotal action to accommodate high levels of parallel misalignment (.50” max) and angular misalignment (10° max).

Common Applications for Custom Universal Lateral Couplings

  • Light push-pull machinery dynamics
  • Resolver & tachogenerator mechanical operations
  • Light-duty stepper encoder motors

WM Berg also offers standard universal lateral couplings.


Custom couplings are designed to interface seamlessly with a range of application needs. Examples of Berg’s customization capabilities include: 

  • Alternative mounting arrangements to meet non-standard torque & compliance specifications
  • Modified beam coupling dimensions (OD, ID, thickness, number of coils/starts) to meet unique application specifications and improve fatigue resistance
  • Custom shaft connections for faster assembly dismantling
  • Custom flexure configurations for a greater angular offset
  • Miniature custom couplings for small equipment used in medical or laboratory applications

WM Berg offers a complete line of custom engineered couplings to accommodate virtually all precision assembly requirements and operating conditions within the aerospace, healthcare, motion control, communications and other industries. We also offer an extensive range of standard couplings, standard and custom shafting, and design opportunities for applications with more specific requirements.

custom precision couplings manufactured in USA

Benefits of Precision Coupling Customization from the Original Manufacturer

WM Berg has been the leader of premium precision part engineering, production and manufacturing process automation for over 50 years. Our engineers have answers for your custom coupling questions across a range of topics including spec requirements, application objectives and precision part installation. 

Advantages of custom precision couplings from WM Berg include:

Our patented precision custom coupling configuration maximizes performance of your existing equipment by enabling alignment of shaft misalignment in any direction. Whether used in a transmission line, industrial machinery, or process equipment, custom couplings from Berg are designed to minimize operating costs and provide long-term functionality and return on investment.

Our Process

Working with a custom components manufacturer to create unique, high-precision couplings has never been so easy. From concept to prototype to production, our on-site product experts are with you every step of the way to achieve innovative manufacturing solutions that last. Our precision coupling customization process is simple:

  1. Our mechanical engineers make it.
  2. Our shipping team delivers it.
  3. Our technical support agents guide you through installation.

Partner with WM Berg to Define Your Custom Coupling Design Needs

WM Berg delivers technical resources that put function first through innovative solution design, development, operation and production, achieving the highest levels of precision part quality. Our custom couplings are manufactured in the USA at our dedicated facility in Cudahy, WI. If you have an inquiry about custom precision gears, reach out today. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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