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The Advantage of Partnering with Berg

For close to half a century Berg has been a valued asset in the Motion Control industry. Like a high quality precision gear, Berg has been the driving force in helping the industry continue to move forward. Our engineering, service and staff of specialists have been catalysts in providing innovative solutions and assistance to our customers.  We’ve proudly produced an expansive catalog of 80,000 parts for motion control solutions that include infrared imaging, IED robotics, optical spectroscopy, printing, packing, and general machinery.

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Window Shade Assembly

Answering a Customer’s Call for Help with a Customized Product

A manufacturer had an opportunity to try to improve an existing window shade design in a very small envelope for a potential customer. The challenge was in the dimensions of the window shade could not be changed. The manufacturer turned to Berg’s engineers, who used their valuable expertise, to modify the Legacy II Business Jet Window Shade model to ensure compliance with the dimension parameters. As a result, the customer was very pleased with the window shade’s improved performance and ease of use.

“We manufacture window shade assemblies for jet aircrafts that require precision parts with repeatable performance — we’ve been using W.M. Berg drive components for more than 10 years. The drive components we use include lead screw assemblies, gears, belts and clutches, and have consistently been of high quality and performed as designed. Berg has been an excellent supplier and with a strong commitment to customer service, has become a supply chain partner to us.”

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