Case Study: Gear Manufacturing for Aerospace Applications

Date: May 08, 2024

A Berg customer needed help with a set of aerospace gears that was not performing to expectation.

Challenge: Aerospace Gear Failure in Extreme Cold

Berg researched and diagnosed the issue for the client: the gears could not withstand the frigid temperatures within the cockpit assembly.

aerospace gears in cockpit assembly

Solution: Custom Manufactured Gears

Berg’s engineering team went beyond what many others in the industry could or would do to solve the problem. They brainstormed solutions, then designed and manufactured custom gearing with a distinct finish.

Berg’s meticulous quality testing ensured the aerospace gears had the right coating to withstand extreme cold temperatures and operate within our client’s specified parameters.

From initial outreach to final delivery, the Berg team provided the client with the highest quality service and products.

Aerospace Gear Manufacturing Standards

Berg can manufacture gears to an extremely high standard, to meet or exceed AGMA Quality 10 rating, plus any other standards our customers may require, including:

  • ISO
  • ANSI
  • JIS
  • JGMA
  • DIN

Our aerospace gears undergo rigorous in-process quality checks to provide our customers cost savings through low maintenance and increased operating life of their equipment. Berg standard gears are manufactured to 4.0 AQL quality standards. Manufacturing and processing certifications are readily available.

Where Berg Aerospace Gears Are Used:

  • Military, commercial & private aircraft
  • Fuel pumps
  • Engine starters
  • Door mechanisms
  • Throttle controls
  • Flight simulation
  • Much more

Learn more about Berg’s precision component manufacturing for the aerospace industry, browse our catalog of high-precision gearing, or explore options for custom precision gears.

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