Precision Pulleys

Pulleys are grooved wheels used to redirect force applied to a cable or belt. Leveraging our extensive experience in precision engineering, WM Berg offers an array of pulleys and idlers designed for various industrial sectors and applications, including conveyor systems. Our pulley selection includes standard and metric pulleys fabricated from stainless steel, plastic and anodized aluminum, as well as custom pulleys. Explore precision pulleys by category below to request a quote or reach out to our team with the specifics of your project.

Grooved Pulleys

We manufacture clamp hub and pin hub style grooved pulleys in 303 stainless steel with bore sizes ranging from ⅛ to ½ inch. Our grooved pulleys operate with O-ring cords and belts including the O-ring STS series or the O-ring Belt PP series. Grooved pulleys are frequently used in conveyor systems among many other applications.

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V-Belt Pulleys

WM Berg V-belt pulleys are designed to be used with our Pow-R-Vee lightweight V-belt alternative. Our pin hub single groove V-belt pulleys can be made from 303 stainless steel or die cast zinc alloy. Because of their ability to handle high loads with minimal slippage with high-efficiency power transmission, V-belt pulleys are commonly used in conveyors, manufacturing machinery, pumps and compressors, among many other industrial uses.

V-Belt Pulleys

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Timing Pulleys

WM Berg manufactures precision timing pulleys designed to work with either our Flex-E-Grip or Max-M-Drive timing belts. Our timing pulleys can be made from anodized aluminum (teeth can also be anodized), 10% glass filled polycarbonate with a black aluminum hub, acetal plastic and Lexan® polycarbonate. Note that timing pulleys with a pitch diameter of .468 or smaller are for idler use only.

Timing Pulleys

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Timing Pulley Bar Stock

WM Berg also manufactures timing pulley bar stocks in anodized aluminum so you can fabricate your own pulleys. Timing pulley bar stock is available with 10 - 120 grooves (depending on the pitch) and in custom lengths. Other materials and different numbers of grooves available on request.

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Friction Drive Rollers

Friction drive rollers transfer motion and power through frictional contact, making them ideal as a paper, tape or card drive. WM Berg manufactures friction drive rollers with a pin hub, with the wheel made from 303 stainless steel and the tire made from Buna-N rubber (other materials available on request).

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Pulleys Manufactured in the USA

Our advanced manufacturing capabilities and committed team guarantee accuracy, effectiveness and dependability in each pulley we produce. WM Berg supplies precision pulleys that align seamlessly with our customers’ requirements, improving both the performance and durability of machinery. Berg also produces precision sprockets and precision belts and chains for industrial equipment, offering directly interchangeable drop-in replacements that preclude the need to replace the pulleys in your system.