Belts, Chains & Cables

WM Berg manufactures several types of industry-proven polyurethane timing belts and chains consisting of PU molded over a stainless steel cable which acts as the force-transmitting spine of the belt. Many of our timing belts and chains are also available with an aramid fiber (i.e. Kevlar®) spine for greater flexibility. Berg belts and chains provide alternative solutions to industry standard timing belts, V-belts, gear drives and roller chain drives for precision and critical applications.

Our belts and chains can be made into any length or number of pitches required by your design, giving you control over shaft center distances. We offer quick turnaround, ten different color options and anti-static material options. Select a product below to learn more.


The Flex-E-Pitch is an alternative to the American roller link chain. Not as strong as roller chain for all applications its advantages are it is lower in weight, lower in inertia, minable backlash and requires no lubrication.


Flex-E-Pitch, American roller link chain

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The Pow-R-Vee is designed for commercial equipment drive applications as an alternative to the industry standard V-belt.  The Pow-R-Vee is not as strong as standard V-belting, however it can tolerate greater variations in sheave groove angles and can be spliced to size in the field. They are easily installed and removed, low in maintenance, exhibit little wear over extended periods of time and can dampen sudden shocks or changes in loading.


Standard V Belt

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Flex-E-Grip belts are designed to replace a traditional timing belt but with increased tensile strength due to its stainless steel center core. Because of our patented elongated design the belt does not require flanges on the timing pulley. The belt will not slip, jump, creep, or walk off the timing pulley.


Flex-E-Grip Timing belt

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The Flex-E-Belt drive series is designed with a single stainless steel cable construction to accommodate any sprocket misalignment. Deviations up to seven degrees are withstood without loss of motion. This series is also designed to a handle a 90° sprocket offset.


Flex-E-Gear, Standard Diametral Pitch Spur Gear

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The Flex-E-Gear belt drive series offers a strong drive train that can operate on a standard diametral pitch spur gear modified with a shoulder.  Tolerances equivalent to AGMA spur gear classes makes this series an excellent choice for precision motion control applications.


Flex-E-Belt, single stainless steel cable

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Max-M-Drive is also known as synchronous flat belt with pitched teeth and is an equivalent to the industry standard timing belt. Matched with our pulleys they provide a positive no-slip engagement. These belts will not stretch and require no lubrication.


Max-M-Drive Synchronous, flat belt with pitched teeth

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Row-L-er series is WM Bergs equivalent to the standard American roller link chain. The advantages of this series is positive drive between chain and tooth, negligible stretch, long life and the ability to operate in a variety of hostile environments such as high temperature, high moisture, dust,dirt and corrosive areas as well.

Row-L-er, Standard American roller link chain

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The Min-E-Pitch series belt is designed with two and three spines to add strength as well as maintaining the flexibility of a single spine construction. They are ideal for low speed, low load standard timing chain replacement.  The TDF belt in this series can transmit power to mating shafts that are 90° to each other.


Min-E-Pitch, single spine construction

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O-Ring Belts & Cords

WM Berg offers O-ring belts and cords made from polyurethane and Buna-N. These belts offer low break-away friction, high temperature resistance, low permanent set and no special tooling needed.

Oring Belts and V-Belt Cords

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Aircraft & Fiber Cables

In addition to our continuously molded plastic belts and chains, we offer stainless steel aircraft cable and aramid fiber cable in a range of diameters and lengths. Berg fiber cable has a strength-to-weight ratio approximately 4 times higher than steel in air, and 25 times higher in water (with the same given diameter). Our fiber cable has excellent electrical properties and environmental resistance, and a high modulus of elasticity and low elongation, making it an ideal tensile member in electro-mechanical cables and cable assemblies.

steel aircraft cable construction and aramid fiber cable

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