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The Advantage of Partnering with Berg

With the most stringent regulations across every application, the aerospace industry demands the highest in quality manufactured components. Berg has partnered and supplied customized solutions, gearing and precision components for commercial and private aircrafts for over 45 years. Delivering solutions that assist aircraft manufacturers to defy the laws of gravity, while safely protecting travelers is not a responsiblity Berg takes lightly. We are committed to supplying best in class quality precision components to safely travel the skies worldwide. 

Protecting Travelers
Satellite Tracking Gears
High Performing Custom Gears

high performing custom gears and Strong collaboration results in reliable wifi delivery for airline passengers

A manufacturer set out to develop a more reliable WIFI delivery system for commercial aircraft that would allow passengers to check email, download files and stay connected while in flight. Berg worked closely with the customer to develop and manufacture special sector gears, leading to a satellite tracking package with limited backlash, which allows for continuous satellite tracking and uninterrupted internet communications.

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