Precision Sprockets

Sprockets are used to transmit rotary motion between two shafts where gears are not suitable. With years of expertise in precision engineering, WM Berg manufactures a diverse range of sprockets tailored to meet the needs of many different industries and applications. Our product line includes standard, metric and custom sprockets in stainless steel, plastic and anodized aluminum. Browse precision sprockets by type below to request a quote or contact our team with your project requirements.

3D Sprockets

We manufacture 3-D sprockets in idler, hubless (flat) and pin hub styles with a circular pitch of 0.157. Pin hubs can be assembled on request and teeth can be anodized. Our 3-D sprockets are compatible with our Min-E-Pitch Three D Drive belt which allows twisting and power transmission to mating shafts 90° to each other.

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Belt Sprockets

Berg manufactures clamp hub belt sprockets with a circular pitch of 0.0982 and a ¼ inch bore (3/16" and 1/8" bores available on request). Our precision belt sprockets are compatible with our Flex-E-Belt gear belt which is able to obtain zero backlash and accommodate up to 7° of sprocket misalignment.

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Chain Sprockets

We manufacture clamp hub chain sprockets with a circular pitch of 0.15708 and a ¼ inch bore. Chain sprockets with .750 P.D. and smaller are recommended for idler use only. Our precision chain sprockets are compatible with our Min-E-Pitch drag chains, a timing belt alternative with a circular pitch based on pi (making it easier to have the right number of pitches, plus lower requirements for tensioning) as well as our Flex-E-Pitch plastic roller chains.

chain sprockets

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Double Sprockets

Berg manufactures hubless (flat) and pin hub double sprockets with a circular pitch of 0.05 or 0.157. Double sprockets have two sets of teeth and are ideal for applications using parallel chain drives (typically used in conveyors and other material handling equipment). Our double sprockets are compatible with our Min-E-Pitch chains, which are zero backlash, quiet, infinite in length and have a positive drive.

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Roller Chain Sprockets

We manufacture hubless (flat) and pin hub roller chain sprockets in a wide variety of metal and plastic materials with a circular pitch of 0.1475, 0.25, 0.375 or 0.5. Our roller chain sprockets are compatible with our Row-L-Er chains, the Berg equivalent to the standard American roller link chain, which offers negligible stretch, long life and the ability to perform under harsh conditions such as high temperature, moisture, dust, dirt and corrosive atmospheres.

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Sprockets Manufactured in the USA

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and dedicated team ensure precision, efficiency and reliability in every product. Trust us to deliver sprockets that perfectly mesh with your requirements, enhancing the functionality and longevity of your equipment. Berg also manufactures precision pulleys and precision belts and chains for industrial machinery, including alternative drop-in replacements which are directly interchangeable, meaning you won’t need to change the sprockets in the system.