custom Belts & Chains

WM Berg manufactures custom drive belts and chains to meet the specifications for unique power transmission or precision machining projects. We offer molded polyurethane belts and chains with a metal or synthetic fiber spine which can be customized to give you complete control over shaft center distances and provide solutions for critical applications, as well as plastic or metal roller chains. 

Customization options include:

  • Custom lengths
  • Custom widths
  • Custom materials
  • Custom colors
  • Custom number & dimension of tooth pitches
  • Extra reinforcement
  • Anti-static construction
  • Bonded cover materials or backings
  • Extreme temperature resistance (high and low)

As a highly experienced custom belt and chain manufacturer, WM Berg produces a wide variety of standard precision belts and chains in inches or metric. Customization and design assistance is available for our roller chains, V-belts, timing belts, gear drive belts and gear drive chains.

Standard Belts/Chains Catalog - Inches. Standard Belts/Chains Catalog - Metric

All of our belts and chains are made in the USA at our world-class manufacturing facility (in Cudahy, WI) which includes a CNC/DNC machine shop, R&D lab and advanced quality assurance equipment.

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Berg application and mechanical engineers are well versed in the challenges of custom belt and chain engineering and know how to identify the most efficient design solution at the lowest possible cost. Contact a Berg expert for help with pre- or post- purchase support, including help with product selection as well as application quality or design. A member of our team will respond within one business day:

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custom drive belts manufactured by WM Berg

Custom Roller Chains

WM Berg offers two types of roller chains, one of which can be customized. 

custom roller chains manufactured in USA by WM Berg


Flex-E-Pitch is a lightweight plastic roller chain designed to replace standard metal roller chain systems. Choose polyurethane, nylon or a custom material for the molded outside, and stainless steel or aramid fiber (Kevlar) for the cable core. Aramid fiber allows greater flexibility and longer service life in applications requiring reverse bending.

WM Berg also manufactures custom roller chain sprockets and Row-L-ER, the Berg equivalent of a standard American link roller chain. Row-L-ER is not available for customization, though you can choose from Delrin®, Nylatron®, mild steel or stainless steel.

custom v belts

Custom V-Belts

Pow-R-Vee is a durable and lightweight alternative to industry standard V-belts. Custom made V-belts, 60° V-belts and V-belt cords are available in polyurethane, extruded polyurethane 83A, or a custom material molded over a stainless steel cable. In addition to custom lengths (including infinite length) and size (width/height/cable diameter), Pow-R-Vee is available in any color.

WM Berg also manufactures custom V-belt pulleys.

Custom Timing belts

WM Berg offers two types of timing belts that can be customized. 

custom timing belts


Flex-E-Grip is an alternative to traditional timing belts that has greater tensile strength because it’s made of molded polyurethane plastic over a stainless steel (or aramid fiber) core. The stainless steel cable can be made with 7x7 or 7x19 construction. Length, width, material, color and pitch diameter can all be customized to meet your specialty timing belt needs.

custom length synchronous flat timing belt


Max-M-Drive is a synchronous flat belt with pitched teeth and Berg’s equivalent to the industry standard timing belt. Standard materials include neoprene, nylon, polyurethane and urethane with polyester cord or fiberglass reinforcement (other materials available on request). Tooth profile options include trapezoidal, GT2 (curvilinear) or custom. 

WM Berg also manufactures custom timing belt pulleys.

Custom gear drive belts

WM Berg offers two types of gear drive belts that can be customized. 

custom gear drive belts with polyurethane overmolding


Flex-E-Belt is a quiet and flexible precision gear drive belt consisting of a single steel cable with polyurethane overmolding. Aramid fiber core or other materials available on request. Custom colors, number of pitches, lengths, widths and cable diameters are available, as well as anti-static belt construction. Flex-E-Belt can accommodate twists, turns, odd angles (up to 7° of sprocket misalignment) and is lube-free.

custom gear drive belts with positive drive


Min-E-Pitch gear drive belts are specifically designed to have a circular pitch based on Pi, making it easier to have the right number of pitches, with lower requirements for tensioning. Min-E-Pitch belts have a positive drive and are designed with a stainless steel cable or aramid fiber core and polyurethane overmolding. Different Min-E-Pitch drive belts can work with parallel shaft drives, non-parallel shafts and three dimensional drives. The center rib design allows for twisting so power can be transmitted 90° to the driven shaft.

This WM Berg webinar recording and transcription has more information about belt drive design and calculations.

Custom gear drive chains

WM Berg offers two types of gear drive chains that can be customized. 

custom gear drive chains with polyurethane overmolding


Flex-E-Gear drive chains are designed to work with spur gears, and are a great choice when spacing is an issue. Flex-E-Gear drive chains are made with a stainless steel cable (or aramid fiber) covered in molded polyurethane, with pitches that correspond to standard spur gear pitches so that sprockets can mate with spur gears. Customize the color, length, width, number of pitches, material and color.

custom gear drive chains with pitch distance based on pi


Min-E-Pitch drive chains are designed with either two or three stainless steel cables (or aramid fiber) covered with polyurethane. Multiple spines add strength while maintaining the flexibility of a single spine construction. Min-E-Pitch drive chains are molded on a pitch distance equal to one twentieth of Pi. Customize the length, width, number of pitches, material and color.

Industries Served

With over 50 years of experience manufacturing custom precision parts and an on-site team of engineers, project specialists and technical support, WM Berg can manufacture custom belts and chains that meet the needs of a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, including the defense industry.

Learn more about our capabilities meeting or exceeding the exacting specifications for aerospace and aviation, medical and healthcare applications, the motion control industry and more.

Design Help for Custom Belts

WM Berg engineering staff understands the challenges of product engineering and has earned a reputation as the go-to source for questions around spec requirements, application objectives and precision part installation.

Benefits of our custom belt and chain manufacturing include:

Working with a custom timing belt manufacturer has never been easier. From concept to prototype to production, our in-house product experts are with you every step of the way to achieve innovative manufacturing solutions that improve efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

Precision belt customization with Berg is simple:

  1. Our mechanical engineers produce the order
  2. Our shipping team delivers 
  3. Our technical support agents guide you through installation

If you have a question or would like a quote for custom belts or chains, reach out today and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours:

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