Production Process


Manufactured, assembled & inspected according to customer requirements & industry demands

The Promise of Consistent Quality

Our knowledgeable machine technicians complete rigorous in process inspections of all critical dimensions on every part and at every step of the manufacturing process. This insures the sending of quality parts to the next operation and into the dedicated Inspection Lab for final approval prior to shipment. With a wide variety of calibrated variable and functional measuring tools our operators are able to hold tight tolerances and insure each part is manufactured to print. 


Acceptable Quality Level plan

Highlight of Our Production Quality Standards

Berg employs lean manufacturing and Six Sigma tools to continually improve the production and reduce lead times. To insure we are adhering to tight tolerances and best-in-industry quality levels, Berg uses an Acceptable Quality Level sampling plan. 

our lean manufacturing tools

Ensuring Quality, Repeatability & Low Cost

WM Berg creates a culture of continuous improvement by using our standardized lean manufacturing and Six Sigma tools that are a critical part of our Regal Rexnord business system. 

BLUE-CHECK-(9).png Production Preparation Process (3P)

BLUE-CHECK-(10).png Visual Daily Management (VDM)

BLUE-CHECK-(11).png Variation Reduction (VRK)

BLUE-CHECK-(12).png Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

BLUE-CHECK-(12).png 5S+ (Sort, Shine, Standardize...)

BLUE-CHECK-(12).png Strategy Deployment (SD)


BLUE-CHECK-(9).png  Transactional Process Improvement (TPI)

BLUE-CHECK-(10).png Value Stream Management (VSM)

BLUE-CHECK-(11).png Material Pull (MP)

BLUE-CHECK-(12).png Standard Work (SW)

BLUE-CHECK-(12).png Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

BLUE-CHECK-(12).png Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA)