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Most of our really cool Engineering Tools are now web enabled! They are designed to help you get the most out of your computer. Save time in performing routine and repetitive calculations or determining technical dimensions and specifications when designing your products. Just click on the desired application, enter in your data and obtain the technical data you need!

To Use: Click on the application name, then enter in the required information. The results will be tabulated automatically. If the file name is preceded by a , some reference information may be needed. Please contact Technical Support for assistance.

Note: W.M. Berg Inc. assumes no responsibility for any data obtained from these programs.  All calculations should be verified through your own independent calculations.

SprocketSpec ( download )

This program calculates all of the technical dimensions required for the manufacture of all Berg Sprockets. It includes information useful for design purposes, such as pitch and outside diameter along the belt series, and other design critical dimensions, such as shoulder and blank diameters.

GearSpec ( download )

This program will calculate all of the gear data necessary (and more) for manufacture of fine Pitch External Spur Gears, Internal Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Worm Gears, and Worms. It ranges from 12 Diametral Pitch to 120 Diametral Pitch for inch and 0.25 to 1.5 Module Metric Series. It will calculate gear specifications based on AGMA specifications (both Inch and Metric), gear data based on backlash classes ranging from A to E, gear quality from Q5 to Q14, and provides a printable output with a fax header. Metric calculations can be displayed and converted into inches if desired.

Dimension Converter Open ->

When converting metric dimensions to inches, Berg uses specific rounding rules to ensure the conversion does not round in such a way that the converted dimension is outside the original dimension. This calculator does this conversion easily either from inches to millimeters or from millimeters to inches, rounding the converted values in such a way that protects the part quality.

Caliper Dimension Calculator Open ->

When making or inspecting a standard fine pitch American Roller Chain Sprocket, it is often more convenient to measure with a standard caliper using the caliper dimension as opposed to measuring over wires or rollers. This calculator compensates for odd numbers of teeth and gives exact dimensions with tolerance based on pitch and number of teeth.

Anti-Backlash Force Open ->

Calculate the force and torque required to overcome the springs in a W. M. Berg anti-backlash gear.

Belt Length Calculator Open ->

Calculate the length of a belt required given the pitch diameters of the two W. M. Berg, Inc. sprockets and the Center to Center Distance. It can also calculate the center to center distance given the Berg Belt length and the pitch diameters of the Berg sprockets. Currently only for two sprockets.

Belt Horsepower (Minimum Belt Widths/Sizes) Open ->

Timing belt selection help tool that will suggest minimum belt widths/sizes, etc. based upon on the system that you have or are designing.

Ball Bearing Speed Open ->

Calculate the maximum speed (in RPM) allowable for a Ball Bearing given the inside and outside diameters.

Spur Gear Tooth Strength Open ->

Calculate a reasonable estimate for the force and torque that a gear tooth will be able to sustain.  This calculation is based on the Lewis Equation and does not account for wearing, pitting or gauling.

Leadscrew Expected Life Open ->

Calculate the expected life of a standard W. M. Berg leadscrew based upon the acceptable amount of leadscrew nut wear. Newly revised for both Inch and Metric!

 Leadscrew Efficiency Open ->

Calculate the efficiency of a standard W. M. Berg (non Anti-Backlash) leadscrew.

Rack Measurement Over Wires (MOW) Calculator Open ->

Calculate several tolerances - including Total Composite Error, Tooth to Tooth Error and others. This web application also calculates the Measurement Over Wires (MOW) and tolerances and give the standard wire diameters for W. M. Berg precision racks.

General Unit Conversion Utility ( download )

Converts units of Mass, Volume, Distance, Temperature, Torque, Power, Energy and more!  A handy utility to have on your computer desktop.

Epicyclic Gear Train Study Open ->

Can easily calculate the ratio of an Epicyclic Gear Train and determine if it can be assembled.   In the event that the system cannot be assembled, this program will make suggestions on fixing the problem. We have also included handy reference material on Epicyclic Gear Trains.


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