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R1-2-G1 GEAR RACK STRAIGHT TOOTH, 416 SERIES STAINLESS STEEL STRESSED RELIEVED RECTANGULAR GEAR RACKSA gear rack is very similar to a spur gear, but the mechanism is linear. Gear racks consist of teeth equally spaced along a straight line. A pinion is placed on top of the gear rack, and the linear nature of the gear rack converts the pinion's rotary motion into linear motion. W.M. Berg's quality gear racks reduce backlash and provide greater feedback, making them ideally suited for carrying heavy loads.

W.M. Berg's gear racks are available in two basic styles, rectangular and round. We produce many variations on these styles to ensure that we have options suited to customers' needs. With gear rack lengths varying from 3 inches to 18 inches and gear rack heights varying from 0.115 inches to 0.480 inches, W.M. Berg has many styles and variations of gear racks to meet many marketplace specifications. Marketplace applications of gear racks include machine tools, lift mechanisms, x-y axis tables, aerospace applications, shakers, guide mechanisms, and steering mechanisms.

W.M. Berg manufactures gear racks in anodized aluminum and stainless steel, rectangular or circular. W.M. Berg supplies many combinations and is dedicated to meeting all customer needs. Contact us by phone at 800.232.2374, in Milwaukee 414.747.5800 or order Gear Racks online today

All W.M. Berg precision mechanical components are available in metric sizes.

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Some Of Our Most Popular Precision Rack Gear Configurations Include:

  • Rectangular 2024-T4 Aluminum Anodized Gear Racks Choose Pitch, Length and Rack Height
  • Rectangular 416 Series Stainless Steel Stressed Relieved Gear Racks Choose Pitch, Length and Rack Height
  • Round 400 Series Stainless Steel HRC 45 Gear Racks Choose Pitch, Length and Rack Height

Customize Rack Gears with WM Berg Engineering Excellance


W.M. Berg manufactures gear racks in rectangular and round styles in order to best serve all customers' needs. We offer many variances in gear rack length and gear rack height, and feature many variations of pitch and pressure angle. Our gear rack models are available in 2024 T-4 aluminum (optionally anodized), 400 series stainless steel HRC 45, and 416 series stainless steel stressed relieved. These materials are all suited for high efficiency in marketplace specifications.

W.M. Berg specializes in modified, special and custom gear racks. Choose materials, sizes, custom lengths, pitches and pitch angles is easily attainable from our expert manufacturers. W.M. Berg specializes in customization, so call us at (800) 232-2374 or go online to submit your Parts Customization options and receive a quote.


  • Gear racks consist of teeth spaced evenly along a straight line, with a pinion on the rack
  • Ideal for working with heavy duty loads
  • Manufactured in many lengths and heights
  • Customization is available



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