Case Study: Low-Noise Gearing for Patient Care Robot

Date: April 10, 2024

In the world of medicine, some of the most important tools never come in physical contact with the patient, yet they may offer great comfort by providing care during a difficult period.

This Berg client set out to develop a robot that could be guided by a physician to the patient’s bedside and provide personal, post-procedure follow-up, no matter where the doctor may physically be.

quiet gear for medical robotics

Challenge: Unwanted Gear Noise

This client came to Berg for help in designing an efficient and quiet drive system for their bedside robot.

Solution: Innovative Gear Materials

Berg developed gears from materials that provided the required strength while delivering on a key measure of product performance and quality: whisper-quiet performance.

Berg was put to the test when the client audited the Berg project team, products and process for success—and the results were impressive for all the criteria. Today, Berg precision gears are used throughout the client’s product line.

Custom Gear Design & Manufacturing

WM Berg has been an industry leader in high quality gear solutions for the medical industry and many other markets for over 50 years. Our engineers can help you design custom gearing for low-noise applications, or modify one of our standard precision gears to meet your specifications.

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