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World Leading Provider of Precision Components for Industry WM Berg

Gears, sprockets, pulleys, miniature parts, spur gears, thumb screws, roller chainsSince 1967, W.M. Berg has consistently set the standard of excellence as the world’s leading provider of miniature precision mechanical components. Started as a privately-held family business, Berg is now part of Rexnord Industries, a world leader in controls and automation.

W.M. Berg always has one goal in mind: to furnish the precision components and information you need, when you need them, with the quality you expect.

For assistance from one of our experienced associates,
call us at (800) 232-2374 or 1(414) 747-5800.

Berg has added many services, features and improvement programs all aimed at making us easier to do business with. Some of the critical things that set Berg apart from our competition include:

Engineering Support for Precision Mechanical Components

Engineering and application support is the heart of Berg. Our Engineering staff offers design and analysis services as well as after-sale technical support and troubleshooting. Engineering and manufacturing departments work together to ensure seamless communication from the first customer contact all the way through manufacturing and delivery.

Berg uses AutoCAD and Pro-E as its CAD platforms. In addition, we have most of our part drawings available as downloads from our web-site. Downloads are available in virtually all recognized drawing formats. For users who prefer CD, Berg parts are included on PartSpec.

Six Sigma Quality

Berg has been synonymous with quality for years, but the road to quality has been paved with numerous inspections and long lead times. Berg’s six sigma quality program is aimed at the goal of improving PROCESSES to ensure high quality. This reduces inspection, shortens lead-times and reduces cost. Our certified six sigma black-belt is dedicated full-time to this program.

Six Sigma is a methodical problem solving process that uses statistics and logic to reduce variability. Six sigma tools ensure that root-cause solutions are found and that variation becomes controlled and predictable. You may not notice a change in our already-high quality, but you will notice that Berg high quality is now price-competitive with lower quality products found elsewhere. Reduced waste, reduced re-work, reduced inspection, reduced lead times and reduced variability all lead to reduced costs and improved pricing. Tell us what we did right for you and where we can improve further to provide you with the highest quality lowest priced precision components to be found anywhere in the world.

Shortened Lead Times for Mechanical Components

One of the major benefits of our Lean Enterprise initiatives is greatly reduced lead-times. By eliminating waste, adding strategic kan-ban replenishment, and aggressively reducing machine set-up times, Berg is able to offer short runs and short lead-times. This allows Berg to support customer requirements through all phases of the product life cycle.

Lean Enterprise Manufacturing

Berg employs the most modern tools to streamline processes. One-piece flow, kan-ban replenishment and set-up reduction are supported by 5-S, total productive maintenance and regular kaizen activities for rapid improvement. The overall lean enterprise initiative is aimed at involving ALL employees in improvement efforts. Decision making is moved closer to the source, and visual metrics allow for clear understanding of performance.

OEM Partnerships

Berg is a strategic supply partner to manufacturers in high-technology areas where quality, delivery and price are ALL critical factors. We enter into supply agreements whereby Berg maintains stock for same day shipment. All of this allows the user to receive high Berg quality in small-lot releases but with the benefit of high volume pricing.

In many cases, Berg also provides value-added services such as custom machining and assembly - - - allowing our customers to focus upon their technology.

If our customer desires a local distributor to be part of the value-chain, Berg is ready, willing and able to support that structure as well.

Leading Distributors for Mechanical Components

We enjoy a great relationship with many of the most respected distributors of motion control products such as Motion Industries and Applied Industrial Technology as well as many regional distributors. Many of our customers enjoy the security of having "local stock" that they can pick up same-day if necessary. Also, many of our distribution partners provide product bundling and/or value-added services.

Our distribution agreements are non-exclusive to ensure a competitive environment. If your local distributor does not carry Berg, ask them to call us at (414) 747-5800 or (800) 232-2374.

To inquire who distributes Berg parts in your area, please send e-mail to Berg Sales or use the distributor locator page.

When buying from a Berg distributor, remember to specify the Berg name.

Industry Applications of Berg Precision Mechanical Components

For 40 years, customers have been relying on Berg's engineering services and staff of specialists to provide technical assistance with their precision components design and product application requirements.

We supply our precision components to industries worldwide. From the belts and gears on bicycles, to the precision parts used in navigation equipment and medical diagnostic equipment to the durability requirements of robotics and telecommunications equipment. CALL WM Berg today at 800.232.2374 and let us help you get the mechanical components you need at a price point you will not believe!

You'll find Berg products in every industry You'll find Berg products in every industry You'll find Berg products in every industry You'll find Berg products in every industry
Automatic test equipment and Telecommunications tower Robotics and aircraft instruments and controls Test equipment and instrumentation optical equipment and calibration equipment
  • Aircraft Instruments & Controls
  • Automatic Test Equipment
  • Automated Fitness Equipment
  • Automated Lighting Components
  • Automated Vending Machines
  • Blood Testing & Processing
  • Calibration Equipment
  • Computerized Engraving Equipment
  • Computerized Photography Components
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Data Processing Equipment
  • Dental Instruments
  • Digital Image Plotting Devices
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Flight Simulators
  • Instrumentation
  • Laser Printers
  • Medical Equipment & Computer Drives
  • Medical Diagnostics Components
  • Metrology Devices
  • Missile Control Instruments
  • Navigation Instruments
  • Office Automation Equipment
  • Photographic Equipment
  • Reduction Tooling
  • Robotics
  • Optical Equipment
  • Optical Gauging
  • Manufacturing Equipment & Controls
  • Machine Tool Making
  • Satellite Tracking
  • Scanning & Color Printing
  • Semiconductor Manufacture

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