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Precision Ratchet and Pawl Gear, R16S20-20, Ratchet - Intermittent MotionRatchets and pawls are mechanical assemblies allowing a shaft to rotate in one direction and not the other. W.M. Berg ratchets and pawls are manufactured of the highest quality 303 stainless steel and 17-4 PH stainless steel. Ratchets are commonly known as ratchet wheels, because they consist of a rotational gear (or rack) with angled teeth. Pawls are thin pieces of metal which rest against ratchets to restrict the ratchet's motion. When the ratchet is rotated in one direction, the pawl is raised and moves smoothly between the ratchet's teeth. When the ratchet's rotation stops, the pawl drops between the ratchet teeth and makes clicking noises.

Ratchets can operate quietly and smoothly or be harsh and jarring, depending on the installation of the ratchet teeth and pawl. Common applications for ratchets and pawls include use in spanners, turnstiles, winders and jacks.

W.M. Berg manufactures ratchet and pawl gears for every application. Contact us by phone at 800.232.2374, in Milwaukee 414.747.5800 or order Ratchet and Pawl Gears online today

All W.M. Berg precision mechanical components are available in metric sizes.


W.M. Berg manufactures ratchets and pawls for many industrial uses, and as such manufactures a varying array of pitches/modules, bore sizes, material, numbers of teeth, and diameters. Contact us by phone at (800) 232-2374 or online to customize your ratchet and pawl gear assembly. As the world's leading supplier of precision mechanical parts, WM Berg brings our customers the best selection of quality precision parts created with quality materials. With customizable options to meet every customer's needs you will get exactly what you are looking for, call us at (800) 232-2374 or go online to submit your Parts Customization options and receive a quote.


  • Ratchet and pawl gears allow for a fixed rotational pattern
  • WM Berg Manufactures ratchet and pawl gear assemblies of high quality steel
  • WM Berg precision parts are durable and reliable
  • W.M. Berg specializes in customization of all precision parts for manufacturing

Shop W.M. Berg for Ratchet and pawl gear assemblies for every application right now and order Ratchet and Pawl Gears online today or contact us by phone at 800.232.2374, in Milwaukee 414.747.5800.



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